Larry, KH6ITY Pentflex and 1 Tube Transmitter

Larry's Pentaflex Receiver

Larry's One Tube Transmitter

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Attached is a picture of the Petaflex receiver I built from your web page. It was great fun to build and works rather well. The bandspread turned out to be 5 to 9 MHz. I mounted the caps on standoffs to cure the hand capacitance problem and it worked well. I cheated a bit and used a radio shack diode for the rectifier as I had no tubes that would match the power transformer. I really enjoy your web page and may build another one of your rigs. Also, I've included a picture of my homebuilt transmitter I built last year. I wanted to build the Petaflex as a matching receiver.

Regards, Larry kh6ity

Glad to have my radio pictures published. But to really enjoy it, you have to know (as Paul Harvey says) "the rest of the story."

The radio is a reproduction of my first rig from 1959. I was fourteen years old. I wanted a transmitter but couldn't afford one. I found a schematic of a one tube transmitter in an old electronic magazine. Being fourteen years old, I had no money. So I began to scrounge for parts.

I stole the cake pan for the chassis from my mothers kitchen. The coil was wound on a toilet paper tube. I unrolled a complete roll of toilet paper just to get the cardboard tube.

For the oscillator coil (under the chassis) I dumped out my fathers prescription bottle (it was just the right size) and left his pills scattered in the medicine cabinet.

The beautiful red came from bottles of my mothers fingernail polish. I even painted my call sign on the front with the fingernail polish. I tore the transformer out of what I thought was a junk TV in the garage. Turned out it wasn't junk and my father had planned on putting it in my parents bedroom.

When I proudly displayed my new creation to my parents the "you know what" really hit the fan. My mother threw a fit, yelling about her new pan, all the toilet paper she found it the bathroom trash can, and now she knew where all her fingernail polish went.

My father, being a mild mannered sole, inquired as to where I procured the transformer. When I told him I had ripped it out of that old TV in the garage - well - he was no longer mild mannered. I was grounded for what seemed a lifetime! I decided to build this replica for old times sake.

73's Larry