2 Tube ARRL 1930 Regen Radio Built By Chris, KD4PBJ

KD4PDJ Homemade Radio

KD4PDJ Homemade Radio

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This receiver was featured in the January 1930 QST, just a short while after the type 24 tube was introduced. It uses a 24 for the detector and type 27 triode for the audio amplifier. Both tubes have 2 volt filaments- the 24 uses 45 volts on the plate and the 27 uses 135 volts on the plate.

I am using 5 pin plug in coils made from forms I got from Antique Electronics Supply. With other sets I have built I have had good luck using bases obtained from blown 807 tubes (I used to work as a radio engineer and many of our old AM transmitters used 807's as drivers).

The coil is wound from litz wire, and the front panel is black lexan bought as scrap from a plastics/glass shop.

This set uses both a potentiometer and a capacitor for controlling the regeneration. It takes some getting used to, but most of the regen action is taken care of by the capacitor.