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Tom Kipgen's 1625 Regen Radio

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Tom Kipgen from Oklahoma is new on the crystal/tube radio scene. But with his woodworking skills, you aren't likely to forget his projects. He has a very keen sense of what really looks cool. Tom has promised to add more sets, so he gets his own page right off the bat. Tom can be contacted at He also tells me that he is willing to make custom wooden boxes for radios.

New! Tom now has his own website.

The Space Needle
Radio and Art Combined

Tom Kipgen's Space Needle Radio

Tom Kipgen's Space Needle Radio

Tom's premier project is the Space Needle Radio. This radio uses a single 1T4 tube mounted high above the base board. Tom's Space Needle has nothing to hide. All the components are placed for all to see.

This is a shortwave radio based on my single 1T4 radio. Although the lead lengths are quite long, Tom reports good reception with this art radio.

Crystal Set

Tom Kipgen's Crystal Set

Crystal Shortwave Set

Tom Kipgen's Shortwave Crystal Set

This SW set came from although the box described on that site is not what I chose to use. I really admire Padouk and used it for this set as well. The challenge for me was threading all the leads from the various coils through the top and trying to keep track of them as they were soldered to the switches. It is a real bird's nest but it is apparently correct since the set works extraordinarily well. I like to display at least some components on the outside of the box and this one features the diode and the coils out there.

Only one of the 500pf sections of the 3 gang variable capacitor is used and a 365 serves as an antenna tuner. A 56pf variable cap is used for the SW.

I'm using a 150' inverted L for an antenna and this radio brings in multiple SW programs at night and local broadcast stations during the day. I am looking forward to next fall/winter to see just how well it brings in SW signals then. Until then (and until I find some better knobs) I won't offer this one for sale.

Tom Kipgen's Shortwave Crystal Set

Tom Kipgen's Shortwave Crystal Set

The Big Tube

Big Tube Radio

This project uses Dave Schmarder's Hybrid Regen Set. Dave developed the Space Charge schematic so that I could replace the 12AF6 tube with this giant 1625 tube. There is just something alluring about these great big, fate shapely tubes that I cannot resist.

All three coils are #14 gauge wire and are wound on a 6" diameter clear acrylic tube with 1/4" walls. The tube was threaded with 8 threads per inch to provide the proper spacing for the coils. The main coil has 60 turns with a tap on every tenth turn which are selected with a 6 position rotary switch. The tube socket was made of Padouck wood with brass tubing inserts and the knobs were made of Padouck with Ebony skirts. The plate cap wire travels through a 3/8" glass capillary tube down through the birch top and into the wiring lugs underneath.

This radio operates on 12VDC and I've been using a wall wart wall converter with good success. This 1625 lights right up and glows a rich red which matches the natural color of the Padouk nicely. This is by far the best receiver I've put together and is a joy to look at and listen to.