John Nicholson's Amplified Crystal Set

John's Homemade Radio

John's Homemade Radio

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Hi Dave,

This set proves that you don't have to have a career in electronics to build a very credible radio. My good friend, John Nicholson, recently retired after a long career in the Insurance industry. It seems he never quite got over a boyhood fascination with crystal sets.

The result is this fine set, his Number One Set.

With his natural ability for handy work and a few questions on the finer points from your's truly, he has produced an excellent performer and makes me green with envy on the extent of his DX log.

The set is a single tuned crystal set with a small amplifier to help in overcoming John's hearing loss. I can tell you that John is well and truly infected with the Crystal Radio Bug and is already at work on his Number Two Set.


John Nicholson's Variometer

John's Homemade Radio

John's Homemade Radio

G'day Dave, I have just completed a Variometer, which I have connected in series between my long wire antenna and my Amplified Crystal Set (featured in your Visitor's Homemade Radios site).

The Variometer effectively tunes the antenna, giving me louder volume and better selectivity, particularly at the high end of the Broadcast band, (1100 - 1600 Khz).

I have attached several images.

Kind regards
John Nicholson