NDBJara's Receiver Uses Two ECC/PCC88 Tubes

Jara's 2 Tube ECC/PCC88 Radio

Jara's 2 Tube ECC/PCC88 Radio

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It is a receiver with two ECC/PCC88 and 13-14V for anode. HF amlifier, audion, 2x audio amplifier.

I used "all old parts" which I found at home:
PCC88 is from old czech TV set, also variable resistors with holder and knobs, holder and switches with knobs are from old TV set from USSR. Variable capacitor is from Riga 103 receiver, made by USSR too. Connectors are from TV set Shiljalis 401D, also from USSR.

The audio transformer is from an old czech TV set and RF choke is from an old UPS for computer. Coils are old IF transformers for 455kHz from some tube receiver... Some resistors and condensers are older than me! Cable and wires are from old computer.

Jara's 2 Tube ECC/PCC88 Radio schematic

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