My Visitor's Projects – Page 2

William Clarke's crystal radio Cryatal Radio Cryatal Radio Cryatal Radio

Two tube radio 1 transistor radio Amplified crystal radio Variometer crystal radio

Allison's Kid Radio Carlos's Crystal Radio Tube Radio, homemade Galena detector

Shortwave Radio Amplified Crystal Radio Mystery Crystal Set Gary's Radios

crystal radio build Crystal radio and amplifier Radios from China mk484 radio

Darrin's Radio Crystal Radio Crystal radio Valve transmitter

Luca's 1624 one tube receiver Fran's Homemade Radio Nick's Multi Band Crystal Set Kevin's Überdyne Radio

Nick's Litz Winder Tom boyd's Radio George Ramlow's Radio Nick's Mystery Radio

Garry's MPF-102 SW Regen Steve's Coil Steve's Unicoil Darren's Radio

Fuenfband Detektor Ralf's mosfet crystal set Nick's 386 amplifier and speaker Carbon Amplifier

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Contest Radio Sets

On my sister site,, there are a bunch of nice radios, some with schematics ready for your viewing pleasure. Here are some of the direct links:

2007 Contest Sets     2008 Contest Sets     2009 Contest Sets     2010 Contest Sets