My Visitor's Projects – Nick Strong's G0CWA Radio Projects

Nick's Multi Band Crystal Set Nick's Mystery Radio Nick's 386 amplifier and speaker Carbon Amplifier

Nick's Litz Winder Nick's dual 1625 radio

3 Valve Amp       0-60v Power Supply       TV Valve Regen       Valve Tuner & Amp      

4 valve regen radio Nick's SDR SDR SDR

Nick Strong's G0CWA Tech Articles

Output valve transformers using power transformers spreadsheet nick-transformers.xls and the explanations file nick-valvetransformers.doc, by Nick Strong G0CWA

Nick Strong's (G0CWA) Mystery coil spreadsheetnick-mystery.xls and the explanations file Simplified-method-for-calculating-mystery-crystal-radio-coils.doc.

Questions and comments on Nick's projects can be e-mailed directly to him. Pleaee be patient as he is not available every day to answer e-mails.

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