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The Loop My Dad Built

The Loop Antenna My Dad Built In 1958

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This is the loop aerial my dad built in 1958. Although I was only 8 years old at the time, I knew what this was for and how it worked. The radio is a Fairbanks Morse that my dad bought new in 1936, when he was a teenager. This loop measures 33 inches (84cm) on a side and has 8 turns of wire connected to a 365 pf variable capacitor. There is a band spread capacitor and a switch with a fixed mica capacitor that is switched in to cover the low end of the band. There is a single turn that is connected to the antenna and ground of the radio.

This is the original red paint. I never knew why he painted this red. After thinking about it I realized that the trim on our house was red and this was leftover paint. This loop is still in very good condition and one of my prized possessions. I have always been fascinated with this device and enjoyed tuning the radio and turning the loop. I never built a loop when I was a kid, but I was very influenced by it.

2004 Loop Update

I was not sure I was going to do this change to the loop. After all my dad built it and for me to modify it, was not taken lightly. But I had some good ideas. I wanted to make this loop into a crystal set for the upcoming contest, but I still wanted it as a loop. Not a problem. I took off the original front panel, which will be put away and labeled. I then made the new crystal radio tuner, complete with a "Hobbydyne" type detector and a Bogen audio matching transformer. The only change I had to make that would show, is two holes to mount the transformer.

I used a vernier drive, a dual 365 pf Jackson Brothers variable capacitor. The dial is calibrated in khz. Now I have true one control tuning when using this as a conventional loop. No band spread capacitor, no switch to change to a lower frequency range either.

I think my dad would be proud of me.

This is the original 1958 tuner.

My Dads BCB Loop Antenna Updated 2004

My Dads BCB Loop Antenna Updated 2004 This is the original 1958 tuner.

Top down view of the new tuner.

The "New Loop"

My Dads BCB Loop Antenna Updated 2004 This is the original 1958 tuner.

Loop Schematic

MW Loop Schematic

Update - September 2008

Bob Schmarder's Loop Updated With Litz Wire

The 50th anniversary of the construction was in early 1958. Since this loop also serves as my DX loop crystal set, I decided to replace the 50 year old windings. The wire insulation was getting a little bad. The wire was starting to have that gummy feeling. Some red 660 strand, 46 gauge wire recently came on the market. While this Chinese wire was not of real high quality, one thing it had was a very nice double silk covering. The problem with the litz wire that I have is the covering was not rough and tough and would like fray while on the loop, or even while winding it. But the covering on this other wire is good enough to stand up on the litz. I now have reasonably low loss wire on my dad's loop antenna. I tested it by connecting the headphones and seeing what I could hear. The volume was impressive, compared to what I remember it being. I am planning on entering some of the winter DX contests using this loop.

The new wire didn't make that much difference in the normal loop mode, it gave my loop crystal set a new breath of life. I have enjoyed improving one of my fathers favorite toys.

Here are the specs as measured on my HP Q Meter:
L = 160µH
Q 1.6 mHz = 140
Q 1.0 mHz = 250
Q 0.6 mHz = 290
Distributed Capacitance = 35.5pF

Length per side = 33 inches (84 cm)
Turns = 8
Distance between turns = ½ inch (12mm)

Here is the map of stations heard during the 2008 October crystal set sprint contest.


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Loop Builder

Michael Thompson's homemade loop antenna

Michael Thompson is a loop builder and has offered to make custom loops for visitors of makearadio.com. Please contact him directly for details and prices at this address: mltube@yahoo.com

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