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Hi friends. As you know, linking sites is important. This is perhaps how you got to my site, and when you are done with my site, you can go to the next perhaps using a link found here. As owner of this website, it is my decision what links will appear here. The main rule is, the link has to go to a site that will benefit my visitor.

Link requests

I do add radio related links when requested to do so. I will not link sites that have poop up ads or other annoyances. For less than $40 a year, you can buy space on a web farm. There may be other reasons that I won't link to a requested site, but overall, I am pretty friendly. You should be willing to link to me on your site, if requested. Because you link to me, that does not obligate me to link to you, unless I agree in advance. I add only text links.

Linking to me

My main radio page is http://www.makearadio.com/index.php. This is a non-commercial web site. Nothing is sold here. I would be honored if you link to me. You may link to any page that I offer. Let me know where you linked so I may enjoy your pages too. I offer banners for external links. They are at the bottom of this page, or please take something you see here and make it into a banner.

Linking In Frames

If your website places links in frames, please don't link to me. If you aren't sure, place the link in your page, upload it to your server. Click on the link. If your URL, and not mine shows in your browser, That means that you have put my page in a frame and thus taken ownership of it.

All these links are offered without any warranties or guarantees. I have found these sites to be useful. Your milage will vary.

Links last checked on March 16,2012

Radio Links

Great links for beginners to start!

Skywaves pages

Radio Plans and Projects

makearadio.com this site.
Gollum's Crystal Receiver World This site is what got me going in all this.
Boydhouse - crystalradio.net Tons of great crystal set info on this site.
Bob's Data with various electronic projects.
Fun With Tubes. Check out all the projects and advice here. It's great.
WA2ISE Info and hotrodding with AA5 radios.
MDS975 Crystal Radio Site
Al Peter's Amplified DX Crystal Set. Very nicely done!
Bob's Electron Bunker Some unique radio projets.
Kevin's Crystal Set Projects,with schematics.
Cool 386 Australian Site of Vintage Technology Tube radio projects and a lot mmore.

Publications Online

American Radio History Download old magazines in PDF.

Historical and Museums

Antique Wireless Museum, and nearly in my backyard!
Radio Museum Rottenburg Crystal sets in Germany
Wumpus Old Radio World  Crystal set information and history.
Radio Museum from France
Spark Museum Lots of fine radios. Take a look.
Radio Fossil A look into the past.
Inland Marine Radio History Archive Radio communications from an earlier era.
History of Telecommunications Michelle likes this link and you will too!

Old Radio Circuit Information

Regenerative and Reflex Receivers, with basic old time descriptions.
Boat Anchor Manual Archive Free radio manual downloads.
Mirror site for the above BAMC site.
AB0CW Homemade tube radios
Download Schematics For Free! Bogen Amplifier Schematics.
Nostalgia Air Lots of circuits of old sets.

Tube Data Sites

magiceyetubes.com A well done site about magic eye tubes.
Franks Electron Tube Website from Holland.
Tubebooks.org Lots of old radio books and tube manuals here.


Crystal Set building contest. Some really cool sets.
crystalradio.us Home of the Elmer crystal radio DX and 1AD contests.
RadioContest A summer contest for all homemade radios.

Kits and Ready Made Crystal Sets

Peebles Originals 50's style kits. Great!
XSS Crystal Radio Society offers kits.
Vectronics Crystal sets and other receiver kits.
Galena Century Radios A new (to me) site with some very beautiful radios and kits for sale.

Friends Pages

Peebles Originals Mike has a good site.
Gary's MainpageWD4NKA has a lot to show you.
Jim's Crystal radio page. Jim offers a high performance crystal set kit in his Hobbydyne series.
Dick Kleijer's Crystal radio site from Holland. Check it out.
UX-45 Some amazing homemade portable tube radios from Japan.
Oldradiobuilder.com Mike builds them old and right!
Jeff Duntermann's 12 volt space charged tube resource.
Exray's 1920's radio reproductions.
Tom Kipgen's homemade radios. A must see!
Gabriele Rizzi, IV3MIR Radio Blog Radio & loop projects. Written in Italian.
Radio Xtal Set, Carlos from Argentina presents his well built radios.
Frank Marx, PA2MRX radio website written in Dutch.
Jayce's Vintage Radios A nice collection of transistor radios.

Clubs and Forums

The Radioboard forum. Join the fun!
Antique Radios, a very large forum.
REGENRX Regen Receivers Yahoo Group
Heart of England Crystal Radio Club showing mostly UK handmade radios.


Guest technical articles on my website.
Scott's crystal set site, and headphone information.
Galena data information.
Galena, more information.
Propagation info
Waggy's piezo headphone technical page.
Crystal Radio Engineering a web book by Kenneth Kuhn


FCC AM Station Database
Radio Locator
Clear channel station list (50kw stations, not the company)
The Datasheet Archive Search engine for electronic component datasheets.
Schematics Unlimited Hundreds of schematics!


Flat coil inductance calculator
Variometer Calculator
Formula for calculating spider coils
Waggy's online Tuggle Tuner calculator.


Tubepad This is how I now draw the schematics (#8 and later).
Schematic Symbols Library (check the bottom of my downloadspage for more info.)
DXtreme Software Radio logging software.

Radio Collection and Restoration

Radiomuseum.org Catalogue for Boatanchors with more than 16,000 printable schematics.
Antique Radios with forum, and lots of information.

Recommended Commercial Sites

Brass Binding Posts adds a lot of class to your projects!
Crystal Radio Society with parts and newsletters.
MWS Wire  Litz wire available here. Great service too!
Play Things Of Past Lots of old radio parts.
Leeds Radio A great old firm that got it's start in the 1920's.
Geoff's Crystal Radio Parts, all made in the UK.
The Xtalman Borden Radio Co. – Kits and Parts

Other Cool pages found on the web.

Radio Animation Building a radio!
K4ADL ham radio cartoons A real piece of work.

Audio & Video Podcasts

HAM Nation The TWiT Network


The SWLing Post A lot of neat info for the short wave listener.

Deutsche Webseiten - German Websites

Jogi's tube radio site in german. Lots of pictures too.
radiosammlung.de, also in german. Radio collection and some nice homemade projects too.
Ribbeck-Art Radio kit and parts
Wumpus Welt der Radios Detektorradio und mehr.

Other Links

Odds 'N Ends

Snapfiles The best place to download safe software.
Khan Academy A great way to learn. Give it a try!

Favorite Software Links

These are links to software that I use. The prices might vary, depending on your situation. Many have trial versions.

Second Copy. For making your data backups. ($30)
Core FTP LE FTP program ($25)
Xplorer 2 Disk management progrsm ($30)
Bid O Matic Win those eBay auctions! ($0)
Flashpaste Paste from a list of pre made text.($0)
Eusing registry cleaner. ($0)
Snapashot A very nice and simple screen capture program. Needs no install. ($0)

Web Publishing Software Links

Top Style 5 CSS/HTML editor (now under new ownership) ($80)
Bannermaker Pro This is how I make the banners and buttons. ($40)
e_cloaker hide your e-mail address. ($0)

Computer Security Links

Learn about Security. Download the "Security Now" weekly podcast.
Ad-Aware SE spyware finder and remover ($0)
MalWareBytes Think you got Malware? Use this to fix it.
Registry Defrag Makes your registry more efficient. ($0)
Computer Security blog. Very good Info!

Online Web Stuff

GR Sites Make your own background images here.

Other Forums

Mr. Money Mustache How to save money and other neat stuff!
Lend Academy Forum Peer to Peer lending and investing forum.


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